INDIA’s Youngest Cyber Crime Investigator to Solve 15 Cases in 10 Days

It was shocking news for everyone in India when people got the news of 21 days lockdown.
But in this close lockdown situation, we have really proud news with us.
A Cyber Crime Investigator Harshal Chaudhari From Gujarat was on lockdown. He was on a pledge of securing India from cybercrime by sitting at home.

Harshal Chaudhari Indian young cyber crime investigator
Harshal Chaudhari

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Harshal has Solved around 15 cybercrime cases. He has tested 4 forensic tools for Government which is not at all a small thing. It is really a proud thing that an 18yrs old cybercrime investigator solved 15 cases in such a less time. Not Only this but Harshal is also working on a project of Anti Terrorist System. It would help India’s Police and Army to trace and detect terrorists nearby. Harshal says, “It is not about spending money on expensive courses. It is all about spending sleepless nights on a computer screen to secure our nation”
Harshal, the youngest cyber crime investigator has an awesome quote to describe himself.

“I am a Soldier Securing INDIA not through weapons but through black screen and green text on it”

Harshal Chaudhari

12 thoughts on “INDIA’s Youngest Cyber Crime Investigator to Solve 15 Cases in 10 Days

  1. That’s an inspirational story about him.
    Don’t know why I didn’t came across this on news.
    Thanks for sharing his achievement for our country.

  2. Wow so many cases in such a short time! How awesome is that- kudos to you for covering this real -life hero on your blog.

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