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India might have gained independence some seventy four odd years ago but human mindset hasn’t much yet. We often feel chained to certain thoughts and opinions where there is a particular limit to anything. Be it, lounge access limit or availability of certain designs while searching for the best cloth fabric. Well, the latter one hurts from within and you can lean on my shoulder to weep a little. But hey, did you know about a platform which lets you “Customize your own fabric”? Wipe that frown on your beautiful faces and let us all hold the door ajar for Fabcurate.

All about Fabcurate

Fabcurate is an Indian homegrown brand established by Sanjay Desai and his power packed team. Their sole purpose is to let its patrons enjoy the taste of freedom. It is something to regard your fabric as just another piece of cloth. Here at Fabcurate, even a simple fabric is treated as a valuable asset. The whole concept is to enable you to choose your design from the catalogue that Fabcurate facilitates and incorporate it to the fabric you desire to adorn yourselves.

Artisans at Fabcurate are skilful enough and have mastered in crafts like Ikat, Batik, Kalamkari, Indigo, Bandhani, Banarasi, etc. which depicts the royal Indian culture and heritage beautifully.

fabcurate, no. 1 clothing brand, no. 1 fabric brand
Eco-friendly packaging

There are certain unprecedented times when we go gaga over what certain celebrities or mega influencers are wearing at parties. What we tend to do is, take screenshots of the outfits, search for its contemporaries on different platforms and later contemplate due to unavailability of the same. No worries! Fabcurate is your genie in this stance.

Upload your favourite design and preferred fabric and you are good to go. No matter whether the length of your fabric is five metres or thousand metres, consider your work done with zero terms and conditions because hey! It’s Fabcurate. I have got a very interesting PR package from the brand so let me unbox the surprise here.

Cotton cambric fabric of Fabcurate: Mughal pattern Digital Print

When it comes to fabric, I can remain blindfolded and trust cotton on my body. My dream outfit has to be something that is connected with larger consciousness. An endearing Cotton collection deserves accolades all over due to its comfort and sturdiness. What I love about the collection of Fabcurate is its impeccable variety.

We have been yawning over monotonous designs since ages but here you have an opportunity to rejoice over a plethora of varieties. Ranging from plains to florals, abstract to geometric patterns and even depicting modern life transports system, buildings and newspapers, the fabric print is versatile in its own way.

fabcurate, no. 1 clothing brand, no. 1 fabric brand
Mughal patterned cotton cambric fabric- White and teal combination

I liked the combination of off white and teal not because it is a little unique but it also portrays calm before the storm. I love the Mughal style print and the cotton cambric fabric is top notch; just give it a touch and close your eyes. Feel the essence of traditional Indian culture and heritage while hovering around the fabric.

It is advisable to wash the cloth fabric gently with cold water. I can’t wait to hop into the nearest boutique to carve out my new kurta from this fabric. Fabcurate team, I cannot thank you enough.

Gift yourself or your near and dear ones, this incredible Mughal patterned cambric fabric here and let me know the experience.

Crepe silk fabric: Traditional pattern Digital Print

Grace begins at home, draping yourself with utmost joy and peace, breathing positive vibes around. I am talking about a very interesting fabric variant that sweeps away pain and sorrow and veils you with happiness.

Crepe is flowy in nature, made of silk, wool or at times synthetic fabric and has a very distinctive appearance. The flowy texture aids in sewing of apparels guaranteeing sheer comfort and poise. Absolutely stunning!

fabcurate, no. 1 clothing brand, no. 1 fabric brand
Traditional patterned crepe silk fabric- Baby blue and red combination

I am planning to drape this gorgeous Crepe silk fabric as a stole or shawl with my Kurta, specifically for auspicious occasion. I am going head over heels for this ecstatic combination of baby blue and red traditional pattern on the fabric.

If you notice clearly, you would be able to visualize the intricate design that adorn this beauty. Feeling it with my arms already and trust me on this, all I get is goosebumps. There’s so much of hard work that goes into making these pieces of art and we often fail to acknowledge art in its truest form. Sheer beauty!

Adorn your closet with this beautiful piece of fabric; purchase it from here and let me know your experience.

By collaborating with the talented artisans in this community we not only give them a platform to show their talent and get all the love they deserve for their work, but also give them an opportunity to push their creative potential and bring out their own version of the traditional heritage.

Fabcurate Team

A single purchase can change an entire life of an Indian artisan who might not be able to afford his/her child’s education. It is time we all join hands together and go vocal for local and support small businesses. Jai Hind!

Disclaimer: Aritro Chattopadhyay has received a PR package from Fabcurate and the review is sponsored. However, the products have been tried and tested for a long period hence, the brand qualifies to be a part of my blog.

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