7 summer outfits that you want to swear by

“Hey, where have you been all this summer? We could hardly catch a glimpse of you.” says my beautiful audience with a cute frown on their faces. I replied with a pressed smile, “I am sorry for being MIA but it took real big time curating my summer looks for this year. No worries, because I always ensure that my work is relevant not only in present but in future as well.” I have been pretty much occupied with a stack of files and folders adorned in the shelves of my busy schedule. However I didn’t miss a shot curating my summer outfit, be it going for an evening walk to see the spring Bougainville or just visiting a nearby cafe for lunch. Here are 7 summer outfits that you want to swear by.

Look 1: Spring-Summer OOTD

The onset of spring and summer invoke liveliness, passion, life experiences and peace. Did you know Bougainvillea embody all these traits as well? Standing beneath the shade and getting clicked might sound instagrammable enough, but when I stare at the lens all I commemorate is the beautiful and productive stay I have had in the city of love, all these years.

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Woollen sweater: Sarojini market
Jeans: Moustache

My fashion statement has always been being comfortably chic. This woollen sweater brings back glimpses from my Agra-Mathura-Vrindavan trip. We stayed in the suburbs of Delhi NCR and I planned for a comprehensive shopping tour in Sarojini, Palika Bazar and CP. This particular woollen sweater is from Sarojini Nagar and it carries the want and the love of my mother who gifted me the same on my 19th birthday. I have a keen interest on stripes and the the colour bombe of blue yellow white and thin black stripes just text the mood for a long evening walk in Vasant Vihar. The hanging mask is from Myntra where as the contemporary fit jeans has been purchased from Moustache. some way or the other I feel this is a perfect postcard picture. The colours of my summer outfit have complemented the backdrop so well.

Look 2: A pint of quirk in my summer outfit

Keeping in mind the scorching heat that Dehradun has successfully blessed us with, these days (ugh…) we gotta switch our summer outfit game a little. Hence, I decided to bring a little quirk in these mundane times hence, today’s OOTD.

Best Summer Outfit 2021, Trend, Summer Season trending Outfits 2021, Successful blogger summer style
T-Shirt: Westside
Lounge pants: Myntra (Hubberholme

I am wearing a t-shirt procured from the Nuon section of Westside of Newtown, Kolkata. Well, I generally do not choose loud outfits but for a change thought of bringing a change. This one kinda elevates my streetstyle game with a lot of quirky graphics. Paired it with my nighty night lounge pants from Hubberholme section of Myntra that has pizza, burgers and fries on it. Sounds yummy right? It has an inner elasticated waistband with slip-on closure and two pockets. This 3-ply mask costs only 30 INR and is easily available in local stores. My summer wardrobe is blooming with happiness and so should yours!

Look 3: A sober blue-green summer outfit

There is this fabulous chemistry between blue and green, you cannot just unsee. The stripes often remind me how consistency reflects the beauty of what we pursue in life. Yes, we are allowed to move towards an uneven path, face failures but never ever fail to retain composure and forge ahead.

Best Summer Outfit 2021, Trend, Summer Season trending Outfits 2021, Successful blogger summer style
T-Shirt and Jeans: Max Fashion

The outfit of the day seamlessly complements the hilly terrains behind me (blame it on the magic of Dehradun). The V-neck t shirt that I am wearing has been purchased from the “Winter essentials” section of Max Fashion. It is comfortable, made with cotton, blue-green striped, perfect for monsoons and summers in hilly areas. Teamed it up with my slim fit regular jeans from Max as well. Pedro has some great sandals and the one I am wearing here is the perfect choice for summers due to its comfort quotient, minimalist design and sober colour.

Look 4: A fizzy blue affair

Backdrops that complement your outfit of the day are gold. One such appears to be in Dehradun’s ever-popular landmark, Astley hall. Monkeying around the place on weekends have always been exhilarating.

Best Summer Outfit 2021, Trend, Summer Season trending Outfits 2021, Successful blogger summer style
T-Shirt and trousers: Tibetan Market Dehradun
Accessories (Bag): VIP Bags

What am I wearing today? A slaty blue t-shirt with minimal graphics, few streaks of white and black shades turn it pretty appealing. It is a mixture of cotton and polyester exhibiting comfort and utter luxury. You can literally feel the fizz of the material upon wearing. Paired it with a pair of checkered blue cotton trousers from Tibetan market. The material is of supreme quality and the best part is, you can wear it both indoors and outdoors. Suitability, versatility, simplicity are the keywords, here. We have an uber cool travel bag from VIP Bags and y’all should know is it’s pretty spacious and oh so, vibrant. Oh yes! The mask from Myntra is something to vouch for. 3-ply mask, extremely fashionable with trendy colours and patterns. This one is in blue but they do have some amazing shades and patterns. You gotta check them out.

Look 5: Your quick fix for a cafe visit

Summers call for outfits that are comfortable, airy and lightweight enough to prevent you from sweating. I shopped the look from Vishal Mega Mart and that too amidst a global pandemic last year when I almost shoved myself into the cab for reaching there. Shopping is a therapy and also the biggest stress buster.

Best Summer Outfit 2021, Trend, Summer Season trending Outfits 2021, Successful blogger summer style
T-Shirt: Mavie from Vishal Mega Mart
Sneak into my winter closet here.

The one that I am wearing is a Ludhiana based brand Mavie which exports its products mainly to Vishal Mega Mart and renowned e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart. However the Mavie collection at Vishal is rather cool. I wanted something soothing, calm and peaceful in appeal and what else could be better than a white poly cotton knitted t shirt which has a polo neck, half sleeves and wheel like blue-black pattern scattered on its surface; each one of them separated from each other maintaining the pattern-equilibrium. Not only this summer outfit looks good but it also feels refreshing enough to wear and head out for a brisk walk or shopping.

Look 6: Breathable summer outfit for evening walk

Evening walks often lead to certain places where we feel more than ourselves. Feel the greens, walk bare foot on fresh grass and most importantly, breathe your heart out.

Best Summer Outfit 2021, Trend, Summer Season trending Outfits 2021, Successful blogger summer style
T-Shirt: Vishal Mega Mart
Drawstring joggers: Westside

What am I wearing? A simple cotton fabric t shirt with slaty blue strips procured from Vishal Mega Mart. I paired it with my personal favourite joggers from Westside. An elasticated drawstring-enabled waistline secures the joggers. This summer outfit is tailored in a comforting slim fit and crafted from a self-textured cotton blend fabric. It guarantees better breathability than its contemporaries.

Look 7: Flowing with the trend

What’s summer without donning trendy outfits? I met my best buddies after a really long time. So I thought of wearing what I bought on End of Reason Sale of Myntra. The hooded t-shirt from Roadster is something rare and why do I say this? Half sleeves, fine material, pure cotton and comfortable enough for carrying it throughout the day. What a rare combination of comfort and style! This is a must buy. Paired this incredibly good hooded T-shirt with my regular jeans from Max Fashion. Of course, without a belt because eheheheh (the Cardi B laugh). It fits me so well. I love my shoes from Fila that I bought from their virtual store two years ago.

Trend, Summer Season trending Outfits 2021, Successful blogger summer style
Hooded T-Shirt: Roadster
Jeans: Max Fashion

Disclaimer: I have personally purchased these outfits from above-mentioned sources and the reviews are based on my own experience. Tailor your life with Aritro is not responsible for unavailability or quality of the outfits if any discrepancies are found if bought. However, constructive criticisms are always accepted.

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