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The word “Darjeeling” itself chills your spine to remind its legacy and pride. It echoes in our heart and mind, every single moment we witness the word being pronounced. But why so much of hype? Well, the answer lies in the heart of every tea lover who genuinely adores the scenes of Darjeeling Tea Garden. The aroma of Darjeeling orthodox tea proves itself as a tough competition for an alluring damsel. Its production has given birth to over seventy eight tea estates in the hills. The statistics seem quite overwhelming as more than fifty percent of the population are engaged in this aromatic production Sounds cool, right?

Did you know that Tea plantations in Darjeeling are only allowed to residents of the sub-divisions of Darjeeling and Kurseong? I visited a couple of tea gardens but two of them made me spellbound. One is Orange Valley tea Garden whereas the another is named Rangeet Valley tea Garden. The scenes in tea garden can only be well appreciated if you can find enthusiasm in monotony. For some it is just full of tea leaf and nothing else. On the other hand, some souls rediscover their strengths and weaknesses in such calm and serene places. But neither of these happened with me, because I am not from Earth. I was busy getting clicked, posing like a monkey (almost), acting like I am gonna launch the next DDLJ season without KJo, bla bla bla.

Orange Valley Tea Estate: An unstoppable delight

Orange Valley Tea Estate is a bio-organic tea estate, situated on the top of mystic mountains of Darjeeling. It promises you with one of the most high quality and unique flavoured tea which is naturally processed. Optimum soil conditions and fine bushes ensure supreme quality of teas being produced. The estate has always been under a strict supervision of Board of Directors. The pluckers have a clear knowledge regarding quality manufacturing culture. Personalized management by experienced skilled workers made it possible for a well-maintained tea estate like this. The fresh air didn’t blow me away, rather it made me gluttonous for savouring the breeze of life.

Rangeet Valley Tea Estate: Where silence plays the magic

Rangeet valley tea garden
Locaion: Rangeet valley Tea Garden

Rangeet valley tea garden is basically known for its ropeway which serves a panoramic view of Darjeeling Tea Garden. Though we couldn’t witness it in a working condition yet, we took a detailed tour of the entire tea estate until I sat with a packet of Lays. A light trek through the beautiful lush laden paths giving us the utmost aromatic sensation was worth it. We saw localites plucking tea leaves while singing a Nepali song. It is a blessing in true form. Thus, there’s where our Mother Goddess lies: “Prakriti“.

Golden Tips Tea: A treat for tea lovers

Golden tips tea Darjeeling
Golden Tips Tea, Chauk Bazar, Darjeeling

Established in 1933 in India, where a tea enthusiast can discover the finest teas of the world are grown with a motto to showcase the art of drinking gourmet teas, Golden Tips is among the oldest & most popular brand from India, originating from Darjeeling. Connoisseurs & tea lovers cherish this brand, across the globe for its impeccable quality of teas. 

We found it out after having our dinner at Glenary’s. I was very excited for shopping here, being a tea lover. I found the prices, way too high but there’s absolutely no compromise in smell and taste. Hence, we bought Oolong tea, Darjeeling black tea and much more.

I would love to recommend this very store to every individual who fights for having tea, or argues for it or even considers tea as life. Whatever the criteria is, being in Darjeeling, you can never miss Golden Tips Tea to add some sone pe suhaga.

Golden tips tea Darjeeling
Darjeeling Tea: Black or Oolong? Let me see if you can guess.

Thanks for reading. Please let me know your feedback on Darjeeling tea garden. Thank you for supporting me as always and stay tuned for my next blog-post.

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  1. I live in Kerala and have visited several tea estates. But Never been to Darjeeling. It is one of the places on my bucket list. You have given some very good accounts of the various kinds of tea available there. Really enjoyed reading your post.

  2. That’s a great post . Thank you for recommending the shop. The pics look great.

  3. Is it oblong in the picture? Walk through tea gardens and museums are so special.

  4. woooww!! a wonderful postt!! Darjeeling teas are as amazing as darjeeling #Superbloggerchallenge

  5. Siddhi says:

    What a wonderful post! Loved to read your experience.

  6. anupriya says:

    I havnt tried golden tips yet, but have dilver tips quite often. Whenever we visit a hill station with a tea plantation, I make it a point to go there. Its really soothing to the soul just like tea.

  7. Flavour tea is every tea lover’s favourite. I loved the way you have expressed and North East anyways is very attractive to me. Great read.

  8. BellyBytes says:

    Now Darjeeling doesn’t send chills down my spine. In fact I haven’t been to this place and have only seen it in the Hindi movies ( the train going up the hill). I would love to visit th tea gardens though and your article is quite inspiring and informative.

  9. Novemberschild says:

    Not a tea lover, but I would love to visit a tea garden.
    Never been to darjeeling though i have friends living there, should plan a trip!

  10. Anurag Singh says:

    Great Post

    Nice Experience to be share

    Enjoyed the post

  11. NEHA JAIN says:

    Thank you for this post and enlightening me on some tea gardens. The pictures are beautiful and I so wish to visit these places soon. And I am definitely gonna try ‘Golden Tips. I love tea.

  12. Priyal says:

    There is no doubt that Darjelling tea are the best, I am already having this tea for my family

  13. You are lucky to visit tea garden, I can see u hopping and clicking pics but you have great information about tea, tea garden, and quality

  14. Ritu Kalra says:

    I am a die hard tea lover and have been to Darjeeling…tea gardens and tea factories kept me excited..I even got few amazing variants of tea to try

  15. Tess says:

    Definitely must visit this place after reading your blog..sounds a must try tea and love the freshness and variety

  16. Siddhi says:

    Read this post, absolutely loved it. Your experience adds an edge to this post. I would want to visit soon.

  17. Akanksha says:

    Darjeeling tea is super popular. This seems like a must visit place for anyone who loves tea. I would love to go there and explore more about tea.

  18. Saarah says:

    I am a huge tea lover and I am one of those who are always looking for excuses to have tea.
    Thanks for ur recommendations would love to try it out

  19. Jenifer says:

    Wow your post is making me want to visit Darjeeling & try flavour tea. It’s ok my wish list now.

  20. I am not a tea person but I have heard a lot about production of tea in Darjeeling. I might visit it for the cup of tea but after seeing these pics I will definitely pay a visit to tea estates just to be in nature.

  21. Khushboo says:

    I love drinking tea and this tea garden looks amazing. I would love to visit there sometime.

  22. Anita says:

    I have been to Orange valley and Golden tips and love the selection. This is a great way to find best quality Green tea. Visit and drink.

  23. Manisha Garg says:

    For a sec I felt I am standing in the lush green fields of fresh tea. I hope to sometime travel myself to this lovely place.

  24. Bushra says:

    Heard a lot about the Darjeeling tea. This sounds like a perfect getaway plan. They way it’s nurture is impressive

  25. The tea looks perfect for healthy start. The packaging too seems good

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