From Karenjit to Sunny: ZEE5 covers it all

Karenjit Kaur The untold story of Sunny Leone ZEE5
Karenjit Kaur The Untold Story of Sunny Leone ZEE5
An OTT platform ZEE5,com

What sets Karenjit Kaur- the untold story of Sunny Leone apart from other series on ZEE5?

My family loves typical saas-bahu soaps that involve unrealistic melodrama. It implies more fiction and fewer facts. Rather moulding a story into different spheres but one wouldn’t benefit much from the same. Once, I came across a suggestion on the Internet that attracted me towards ZEE5 and its collection of series. ZEE5 showcases a number of series that revolve around personalities. It also showcases real-life events and dozens of movies to entertain your soul. After scrolling through their mobile-based app, I came across “Karenjit Kaur- The untold story of Sunny Leone”. I watched the entire trailer, read the summary of it and soon it has become my favourite series to binge-watch.

What is that untold story all about?

The series enunciates a hurricane-like journey of the world’s most favourite porn star turned Bollywood diva, Sunny Leone. It shows from the scratch when Karenjit Kaur started her life in a middle-class Sikh family. It also shows her journey from being an innocent school girl to the most popular adult star and internet sensation. The series covers the reason why she chose the porn industry over any other regular jobs. It also shows how she adopted the name “Sunny” and married someone from the industry itself.

Although, Karenjit was born in Ontario, yet her roots lie in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. She has always been very sporty and used to play outdoor games with boys. Sunny had to relocate often. But finally, after a lot of hurdles, the entire family moved to California and lived together. She discovered her sexual orientation to be bisexual at an early age. She, in fact lost her virginity too at a young age. Later she joined as an employee in a German bakery for earning a decent living. Later she joined the porn industry and became one of the 12 top porn stars of the world by Maxim.

Sunny, being a Lesbian did many porn films on the same category. But it was in the year 2007 when she signed few contracts to feature with men. That won her many awards and she remained on the buzz no matter if its an endorsement of a brand or porn films.

Sunny Leone Biopic Karenjit Kaur Vohra ZEE5
An OTT platform ZEE5,com

Sunny in Bollywood

The series also unfolds about her surprising entry to Bollywood when she decided to quit working as an adult star and participated in one of the biggest reality shows of India, Bigg Boss Season 5. Although there were a lot of controversies regarding her past career, she managed to gain a good number of followers through her presence on Bigg boss. Popular filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt offered her a Bollywood movie, Jism 2 in which she proved the film, a huge commercial success, followed by Ekta Kapoor’s Ragini MMS and Bobby Khan’s musical thriller, “Ek Paheli Leela”. She appeared in several item numbers which garnered a lot of attention such as, “Laila main Laila”, “Pink Lips” and so on. She has also been a part of social activism, charity programme and has always been vocal about human rights.

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Why the assigned cast fit well to the characters?

The power-packed star cast includes Sunny Leone in and as Karenjit Kaur Vohra, whereas Rysa Saujani played the younger version of her. Marc Buckner played Weber whereas Raj Arjun played the news anchor. Each and every character were phenomenal in their own way. I loved the way they moulded themselves into the assigned characters and that for sure paved the way of a successful series. The audience wanted Sunny herself to depict her untold life on a bigger platform. A lot of struggles that came along her journey showcased the trajectory of the graph moved upside-down often to finally reach the desired path. Johan Badh and Joanna Robaczewska as Nate and Tanya respectively did their due well. Karamvir Lamba as Sandeep and Bijay Anand and Grusha Kapoor as Jaspal and Balwant delivered their dialogues and expressions aptly throughout the series.

IMDB matters

With a whopping 8.1 out of 10 ratings on IMDB, it is crystal clear that the facts revolving around the life of Sunny Leone have been perceived well by the fellow audience.

20 thoughts on “From Karenjit to Sunny: ZEE5 covers it all

  1. It is awesome to know the stories of well known people. I would love to watch this because I know there is a lot of hard work, difficulties and sorrow behind her stardom.

  2. I loved wAtching this series; it instantly connected me to the human behind the Brand Sunny! I can understand her life choices so much better now. Its a must watch

  3. loved wAtching this series; it instantly connected me to the human behind the Brand Sunny! I can understand her life choices so much better now. Its a must watch

  4. loved wAtching this series; it instantly connected me to the human behind the Brand Sunny! I can understand her life choices so much better now. Its a must watch

  5. I thought of watching it earlier, but somehow it remained pending. Let me when would I able to take time for this series.

  6. I am yet to Watch this series but I am really I intrigued by the trailer. It would be an interesting series to watch this quarantine period.

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